Use SQUELCH on …

  • Your BODY after exercising, sweating or hanging out in smoky areas
  • Your HAIR after smoking or being near someone else that smokes
  • Your CLOTHING to remove body and smoke odors
  • Your SHOES, SNEAKERS and ATHLETIC SHOES to remove foot odor
  • Your GYM BAG and SPORTS BAG to remove perspiration odors
  • Your SPORTS EQUIPMENT to remove imbedded body odors
  • Your HANDS after preparing foods such as fish, garlic and onions
  • Your LAUNDRY BASKET to remove odors from dirty clothes
  • Your CAR INTERIOR to remove smoke, food, perfume and body odors
  • Your KIDS to remove body odor from sweating
  • Your PETS to remove odors between baths and around pets’ bedding
  • Your FURNITURE and CARPET to remove pet odors, urine odors and smells from food spills
  • Your REFRIGERATOR, DISHWASHER and other KITCHEN APPLIANCES to remove spoiled food odors
  • Your TRASH CANS to remove rotten food smells​
  • And anywhere else that STINKS!

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Breaks down oldors at the souce of the smell.

The Stinky Situation: Odors can come from a variety of sources.  One thing that virtually all of these sources have in common is molecules containing carbon bonds.  Breaking apart this carbon bond destroys the source of the odor and then eliminates the smell.  That's how Squelch™ works. 

Our OdorBreak™  Technology eliminates odors at the source by breaking apart the molecules causing the odor, not just by covering them up with fragrances or perfumes like other products.