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    After a round of golf or working out.

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    After smoking or walking through a casino.

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    When you spill takeout food on the seat.

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OdorBreak™ Technology

The Stinky Situation: Odors can come from a variety of sources. One thing that virtually all of these sources have in common is molecules containing carbon bonds. Breaking apart this carbon bond destroys the source of the odor and then eliminates the smell. That's how Squelch™ works.

Our OdorBreak™ Technology eliminates odors at the source by breaking apart the molecules causing the odor, not just by covering them up with fragrances or perfumes like other products.



Where can I use SQUELCH™ ?

Anywhere! Since SQUELCH™ is non-toxic and fragrance free, you can use it on your skin, hair, clothes, shoes and anywhere else that stinks.

Is SQUELCH™ safe?

Yes! Squelch is non-toxic and completely safe to spray on your skin, hair and clothes. If you do manage to spray it in your eyes, just rinse with cold water.

What are the ingredients in SQUELCH™ ?

All natural ingredients including water, vegetable-based fatty acid, soybean oil, corn oil, sodium lauryl sulfate and other natural extracts.

What does SQUELCH™ smell like?

Unlike other odor-removing products, SQUELCH™ is fragrance-free and unscented.

How does SQUELCH™ work?

Our proprietary OdorBreak™ Technology eliminates odors at the source by breaking down odors at the molecular level.

Can I spray SQUELCH™ on my clothes?

Absolutely! SQUELCH™ does not stain clothing, skin or hair.