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I wish you guys could invent a laundry soap of Squelch as this stuff works awesome !!!!

Craig Robinson

Greatest invention since the wheel. Works as advertised. One of those products you rave to all your friends and family. Kills cigar smoke and my kids funky shoe odor. #winning


We got a new puppy and he pooped in the back seat of our car. It sent us all gagging and running. I remembered I had this stuff in my car. Cleaned out the poop and sprayed this stuff on it and it was GONE!!! I couldn't be MORE happy with this product!


I used my sample bottle on a tote bag that had been stored, folded up, in a stack of tote bags in the closet for over a year. When I took the bag out (an hour before I had to leave the house) I was disappointed that it was musty. I remembered my SQUELCH, and turned the bag inside out, sprayed it and hung it on a door knob to dry. It had no odor whatsoever. Miraculous! When I run out of SQUELCH I will definitely get more.


I love this product. We travel and stay in hotels, squelch saves the room smell. We will be ordering more.


I love this product! It works just like it says. I have used it on clothing, on smells in the air, and even on my hair. It takes smells out of everything!

Mike K.

I recently purchased a 6 pack to see if it got rid of the smell from y cat's litter box. Not only did it work on that, but it also works as a stain remover. Don't know if it is marketed that way but I spilled red wine on my tie at dinner and had Squelch on me. I used the Squelch and scrubbed out the stain and it disappeared. Odor remover and stain remover in one? I'll take it!


Finally drained my sample bottle after about 5 months of use. A little goes a long way and it has worked on every smell I've tried it on: smokey clothes; mildewed car floors; sweaty gym shoes; salad dressing spilled on rug and more. Buying a six pack to have some at home, cars and work!


I received my sample and love it! I will be ordering soon. Thanks!


My daughter just got some gasoline on a pair of leather gloves while pumping gas, she thought they were ruined. So mom and squelch solved the problem, gloves are like new again. Thanks for a great product. I will endorse it everywhere I go !!!


I received a sample. I LOVE IT!!! I used it on a memory foam pillow which had a chemical odor to it, was going to return pillow but remembered I had the sample. It worked wonderfully!!! No odor at all. I used it on the air after deep frying cheese sticks. Took that odor right out of the air. I like it because there are no chemicals in this product. I will be ordering. Thanks again!!


Thank You! Something worth getting :-)


Thank for for the sample of Squelch. It does the job on the most stinkiest things.

adam v

just got my free sample today love it


I constantly borrow books from my local library. The last book I took out reeked of smoke and I thought, "here's the real test." I had to spray it twice but the book was much more bearable to read. Thanks Squelch you saved my day.

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