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NJ Shaw

Love, love, love this product!


Excellent i like this gift card and your product is wonderfull


I received a sample in the mail, gave it to my son and he loves it, he sprays it in his sneakers and it really does work. Would highly recommend.


I received my SQUELCH in the mail and LOVE IT!! If you are a mother of boys this is for you! I mean its great for anything that stinks but I love using it on my boys shoes! It works amazing. I sprayed my car down with it after my dogs were in there and its worked. What a great product! Thank you so much!!


I GROOM DOGS. When you groom dogs not only do you cut the hair on top of their cute little faces but all parts on a dog. You do not get paid well and you go home smelling like dog poop or pee or anal glands or whatever - Squelch helps me smell like a normal person again.


I wanted to wait a few months to see if the smell was gone. As far as I can tell, it seems like it's GONE!! We've had a lot of really cold weather (snow, ice) here in Illinois, so I hope the smell doesn't come back when warm weather hits. But I'm thinking it REALLY is GONE! What a great product!



Brandi C

I used the half off coupon to buy a bottle after the free samples quickly ran out of stock. I was so impressed with the product I bought an additional 6 pack. I have 3 boys, a gassy dog, and a cat with a litter box and Squelch has successfully gotten us out of many a stinky situation produced by the aforementioned. I've even sprayed it on my hand to get rid of onion and garlic smells after cooking. I also have a friend that does taxidermy and was complaining about some of the wretched smells he has to deal with (I can only imagine). I shared a bottle of Squelch with him and received rave reviews a few days later. If it can get rid of THOSE smells, it can get rid of any smell!

Mike S

Your product is amazing! it works so well

Katie Flynn

Was offered the half off coupon in place of the free samples that were out of stock. Thought it was a nice gesture so purchased and gave it a try. The pros: it is a great product! Has a fresh clean but very light scent. Sortof citrus meets gain. One of our couches is for our dogs, and it has been the only thing that actually took the dog stank instantly off the couch.. The cons: the scent is very light. For me, thats a con, maybe not for everyone. It really doesnt leave any scent behind, you only smell it when your spraying. The biggest con is the size of the bottle. Its VERY small for the price, and doesnt go far. Although I like the product a lot, for the price a bottle of the competition will go way further, and leave a nice lasting smell. Was worth it with the half off coupon, but I probably wouldnt pay full price with shipping.

Squelch says

From Squelch: the idea of Squelch is that it doesn't leave a fragrance behind. Also, all orders placed through the web site include free shipping.

Joe G

Used Squelch after the gentlemen's club last night. Saved my ass. My girlfriend had no idea where i'd been.

Heather S

Your product is amazing! it works so well on everything that I have tried it on. My stinky gym clothes, that I thought I should throw out because the smell never comes fully out, now have no smell. I am amazed! I even tried it on myself, I may stop wearing deodorant and use this. All I can say is WOW!


I signed up for the free sample but never got it.
I was really looking forward to testing it. Especially on my husbands putrid smelling work hat.
So I decided to order a bottle. I was completely disappointed... squelch did not work on contact as it claimed. It didn't even work overnight and I used more than half the bottle. What a let down. His hat is as stinky as it ever was. And the product isn't unscented either.. It smelled similar to windex.

Squelch response: We're sorry Squelch didn't work in your situation. As a friendly reminder, Squelch must be sprayed directly on the source of the odor. Please contact us directly through our Contact Us page and we'll be happy to refund your purchase price.


Awesome for your stinky running shoes..really does neutralize the odor. Works GREAT!!! Highly recommend it.


I received my free sample and tried it. It is GREAT. It even de-stinks the litter box. Many thanks, and I will be buying.

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