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I received my Squelch sample 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I love it. As a smoker who hates actually smelling like smoke in public, I recently bought a bottle of unscented Febreze to carry with me when I went to work or anywhere else. It felt silly to carry it around, even in my very large purse. Within a week after, I got my Squelch sample and was so excited! Since then I left the Febreze bottle at home and moved into a smaller purse with my Squelch. I LOVE your product.


I've received my sample, and I must say I'm impressed! I've been using it for my shoes and shoes of my family members which smell less than appealing, and it works great! Thanks for the sample!


I received a sample. And I love your product! I have pets and have used it for their oops areas. It really works great! I will be ordering more!

debra gerdau

I recieved a sample of Squelch and I wanted to say thank you! My husband and I are smokers and I personally hate the smell of our smoke. This spray works wonders, I usually spray some on myself after a smoke break at work so I don't smell like a ashtray going back in with my customers.. I just bought another bottle to keep in the car and my sample bottle is in my purse :)


I loved my sample. It worked great for getting rid of stinky shoe, smoke and pet odors . I really like that it is fragrant free too.


I received my sample and I love it! I've been using it on my fiancée's stinky work boots and it works brilliantly. I will certainly be purchasing a full size soon. Thanks so much!


This stuff is wonderful!!
I go into places where folks smoke and as a non-smoker I love that I can just spritz that stink off!


OH MY GOODNESS....This product should be called 'AWESOME'. I have sprayed it on my cats, in their favorite sleeping spots, my sister's car (that smokes), and even inside my husbands tennis shoes that he has had since the 8th grade (and still wears them too by the way). Wow what a difference a spray makes. The most noticeable use was my sister's car that smells like an ashtray. I sprayed her cloth seats and closed the doors. Thirty minutes later, it was as if she had never smoked in there!! It actually works like magic. I am just simply amazed!! I always have doubts about a product being all that it claims it is.....but this product really does what you say!!


I loved your sample I got of Squelch. I used it on me, clothing, some old art work I do that had a musty odor and I've used it on carpet to get rid of when my cat and dog have accidents. I used it on a winter coat and hat that reeked. Used it and I smelled nothing. I've been using your sample(it's almost gone). Put some on my couch and it no longer smells of dog, I've sprayed this stuff when my dog and cat have had accidents on the carpet and the odor is gone. Your product works on any odor. You guys have a great product here and no way do I praise a product that doesn't perform. There are too many so-called 'testimonials' that pretend something is good. This stuff IS exactly what you say it is. Great. You have a FANTASTIC product. Thanks for making this stuff! I have a feeling I'm going in the future be very dependent on this stuff. Please don't stop making this stuff. I've seen too many amazing products and they have a great run then poof they're gone. This should never go poof!


I am a cyclist. Although I wash my sweaty stinky gloves after each ride, the moment I put them on for the next ride and I begin to sweat, the horrid stink seems to quickly reappear. I tried spraying my gloves with a lite coat of Squelch before my ride to see if it helps. I was amazed that for my entire 2 hour ride, every time I wiped my nose or face I smelled nothing. Now I spray my gloves before every ride and my shoes after each ride. Incredible product.


Squelch is the BEST! I keep it in my glove compartment and use it after the gym. It removes the smell right away and I am able to run some errands after I workout instead of going home to shower!


I've been using this product for a few months now on my gym bag and running shoes. I don't understand how it works but it definitely does. I mainly like it because it doesn't add any extra flowery odor, it strictly GETS RID of any existing odor. Other products that claim to get rid of odor usually mask one smell with some other odor and its not always pleasant.

This stuff is legit, though. Very useful.


My dog got sick a couple weeks ago and covered the floors of my apartment with diarrhea. They are marble floors so it was easy to clean up but you could still smell the poop. A couple sprays of Squelch and it instantly removed the stench. Thank you Dr Smell Begone!


After the gym I like to run errands. I don't want to drive home and shower, so you will find my stinky self roaming the grocery aisles, picking up dry cleaning and other mindless tasks. I am very self-conscious when I run these errands covered in sweat until I came across SQUELCH. After I work out, I spray SQUELCH on my body and I can run all the errands I want without stinking. I also love that the bottle is portable and can carry in my car or purse.

For those on-the-go or just want to eliminate smell, I would highly suggest buying.


We are a chain of retail smoke shops and wholesale distributor based in Phoenix, AZ. I received a sample of your product at CHAMPS, and it works wonderfully. Saved me a deposit on my rental car during Hemp Fest! We are seriously considering bringing your product into both retail and wholesale

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